Getting High in Tofino

So, if you follow Alannah and I at all, you’ve probably concluded two things:

  1. We really aren’t in love with blogging.  I mean, we’d much rather the exploration and adventure side of things, and we truly just get typing and sharing our stories when we’re damn-well-good-and- ready! (Unless of course we’ve committed to a deadline.  Then we behave ourselves and honour our commitments in the timely fashion we’ve agreed to.)
  2. We’re unpredictable.  In all senses of the word.

Several months ago we set off for Vancouver Island in a ruby red hippy-van.  It was the ultimate ‘freedom trip’.  Kidless and sans responsibilities, we cranked the tunes, sang out loud with the windows rolled down and the salty coastal wind whipping at our hair.

We stopped at beaches, jumped waves in rubber boots, frequented food trucks and remembered what life was like before families and children, commitments and deadlines.

Looking back on it now, I have a heart-felt longing to do it again.  If you’ve never embarked on a road trip with no real agenda you should.  I’m serious.  You really, really should.  It’s liberating.  It’s exhilarating.  It’s just plain ol’ butterflies-of-excitement-fun!  It made us feel young again.  Even though we don’t really feel old, we both know that our 20-something years, have  l o n g  since past, and we live in a world where we should behave like grown ups now.  (pfffft…whatev!)

We giggled. A lot. We often found ourselves with tears streaming down our cheeks from something one of us said, or did, or a reaction we got from a random trucker we passed along the way.  We were ridiculous, and we didn’t care.  Alannah brings that out in people. That ridiculous factor.  She owns that game, and it’s impossible not to join in when you’re with her.  She’s kinda the bad influence kid.  You know, the one your parents liked, but wished you didn’t hang with all that much.  Yup.  That’s her.

(Sorry Alannah, it’s not like they don’t know it already!!)

Along with many random adventures and spontaneous stops, Tourism Tofino did hook us up with a few sweet opportunities. One of them led us to getting high there.  Yup, we got high.

Were we nervous?  Hell yeah we were!!

Did we like it?  Holy eff, it was amazeballs!!  

Would we do it again?  In. A. Heartbeat.

Atleo Air took us high above Clayoquot Sound in a Cessna 185 Float Plane, for a view like none other!!  Our pilot kept us laughing with great stories (both personal and of the area and history there). The views were breath-taking, and although we tried, it was difficult to get a great shot of the land & sea far beneath us.

From the air we explored the rugged Western coastline, a carpet of old growth rainforests, and gorgeous glacial peaks.  The colours were spectacular and it was a huge highlight of our trip.





Atleo Air offers a wide variety of adventures to choose from.  From day trips, charters, fishing trips and overnighters, there is something for everyone.  They even do romance and wedding packages!!

If you’re planning a trip to Tofino, you’ve got to check them out.  It’s an experience you’ll never forget.  And make sure to tell them the Campsite Gals sent ya! 😉

Huge thanks to Tourism Tofino and Atleo Air.  We appreciate your warm hospitality and gracious offer to experience views of your home from the clouds!



  1. Your trip sounds amazing. We’ve just put the roof on our camper back together and are heading down to the beach. An agenda-less road trip may well be in order!

  2. Wow, great post! I’ve long been a road trip fan – my favorite one took place in an off year after grad school when I spent two months visiting campsites throughout the northeast U.S. – Maine, Pennsylvania, Vermont – there really is nothing like an open road trip being able to just fall in love with an area. I think I’m overdue for another.

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