Falling Back into Living

Hello! We are still here!!

poached from Facebook! Thanks Melanie!
poached from Facebook! Thanks Melanie!

Fall – it brings with it some sort of urge to change. Perhaps the trees as they shed their leaves lead us on an inspirational path towards letting go. Perhaps the crisp air is a wake up call to seek a different path. Snowflakes tease us and fill us with anticipation and then there is something comforting about autumn, in that you can wrap yourself in all the cozy that comes along with the crispness. Some how you feel comfort and refreshment in the same breath. Something innately invigorating, yet like a giant hug as well. Exhale – see your breath. You are alive and you can feel, see, smell, hear the proof of that….fall feels alive in all of it’s death. A strange sense of rebirth.

Jen and I have been on the road to several changes. We have set forth on our own individual journeys that we so desperately needed to do in order to come back to our partnership in full circle with this blog. If you are a part of our tribe and follow along on our adventures you will have seen us take 20 steps forward for each of ourselves and maybe only 2 steps forward in this venture. And that is more than okay. It took some time to wrap ourselves around the idea that letting go does not mean failure and that failure is not always what forces you to let go. So we neither failed not let go and we are back full circle with stories under our tents of our own journeys! We temporarily let go without guilt, took a break, found ourselves a bit more, settled some aspects of our lives and now – BOOM BABY! Rebirth is in full force!

poached from Facebook - thanks Dave!
poached from Facebook – thanks Dave!

So about this change / rebirth business…..

Over the next little bit you will see us evolve (well we think evolve) and we will arrive in a fresh new place with this endeavour. We know we have said it before, however we were simply not ready then. We have been a bit fearful of putting ourselves out there in all our truths and full, authentic glory. Fear from rejection, fear of even perhaps offending some of you. But you know what? Life it too short to get hung up on that stuff. We are not twenty somethings looking to make it big the grand outdoor world. Good grief – we surely have a reputation by this stage of our lives – whether some people like it or not! We are not thirty somethings looking to compete and slay to get to the top. Although we do enjoy healthy competition and positive collaborations.  And that is not meant to be condescending – those ages, we lived them. We know what it is like out there. We know the heart has opportunity to harden during those stages in life if you let it. Instead, we recommend the choice to listen to the wisdom our hearts have gained. But here it is – truth bomb – we ARE wonderful women in our forties, who are just trying to be as awesomeballs as we can be and live the life we want to live. Along the way we want to share in the laughter and sometimes the sorrow, authentically (probably the most over used word in the world right now) and true to ourselves. In a nutshell, basically not so Instagram worthy by the current definition of follow worthy Instagram accounts! And we don’t care! We just hope perhaps you can relate on some level. We seek quality, not quantity and have learned a lot over the last year and a half about that concept and what it means working in this world.

Now, please enjoy some fall photos while we get to work installing a whole shit ton of change here!

As usual your feedback and discussion is appreciated! 

Photos: Alannah Gamblin-Jensen @Big Hill Springs Provincial Park. 



  1. oooo… pretty pictures! I love pretty pictures! (of inspirational changes!) I’m gonna head out and find my self some larches to pet tomorrow… they are my favourite fall tree and so soft to touch!

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  3. These pics are so amazing. Have you considered leveraging your posts by sharing these pics as a background for inspirational quotes and sharing them on pinterest..? Just an idea

      1. That would be awesome…but of course, your priority should be travel more than to post…btw, I saw that you follow my ahechoes blog, but I have a new website that’s more updated where you can subscribe and get a weekly newsletter; http://ahscribbles.com/
        Thanks for your support!

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