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6 Things We Learned from Riding with Surf Sister


A wicked experience for these two ol dogs to learn a few new tricks! We tried our hand at surfing, and LOVED it!



{This will be one of the most important, poignant and soulful posts I will ever write and it may make no sense at all, yet perfect sense all the same. I write through… Continue reading

Runaway Soul Day Columbia Gorge USA, by Campsite Correspondent: Shona Marie


It’s a random Thursday morning at 7:00 AM. My dog is next to me in the passenger seat of my car. As the sun breaks thru the clouds I head towards the freeway… Continue reading

7 reasons to visit Villa Del Palmar, at the Islands of Loreto, Mexico


As Alannah embarked on an epic trip across our great country, and back via the beautiful USA, I tossed some beach weather essentials in a carry-on for a quick trip to Villa Del Palmar,… Continue reading

Want to be featured with the Campsite Gals?


Maps, notes, and pack lists…we are in full on planning mode! After an epic week in the wilderness this August with, Jen will be hitting her homeland for some cross province camping… Continue reading

Reinhold Messner: Climbing is Praying


I have been involved in sports my whole life, but when climbing found me in my early 2000s, its impact in my life was profound and is lasting much longer than anything else.

For a long time it was difficult to explain. Then after reading many books about climbing, spending uncountable days and nights discussing the matter, and many, many days in the mountains experiencing it I found this quote by Reinhold Messner, and it explains why climbing has made such an impact on me.

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