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Camping Recipe: Quinoa Fruit Salsa Salad


Happy Friday Friends! We recently partnered with the Great Outdoor Adventure Show, in Calgary this weekend, along with The Calgary Heritage Roasting Co., {swoon – those guys are so awesome & cute} and… Continue reading

Wolf in the Fog


A simple delectable experience in Tofino BC.



Wanted to take a moment and share some Holiday Cheer! Today I am working away in my kitchen creating lots of our traditional delights for an Open House Festivus tomorrow evening. On the… Continue reading

After the Hunt ~ DIY Elk Jerky Recipe


I am part of a hunting family.   There I said it. It is one of those things difficult to “just put out there” in a public forum sometimes. It is a risk, yet… Continue reading

Backcountry Desserts a la Lake O’Hara


Disclaimer – Since I always feel that food creates stories, I have written a piece that eventually gets to the recipes. If you would prefer to skip the story – the recipes are… Continue reading

Backcountry Food Masters: Yamnuska Mountain Adventures


Food planning for long expeditions and backpacking trips can be very complex. Special considerations need to be made and often people pack too much food or, even worse, too little. Many neglect the biggest backcountry secret of all: dehydrated meals. They weigh very little, pack a nutritional punch, and last days or weeks without needing to be refrigerated.

Perhaps you can handle the food planning details on your own. But for your next trip in the Canadian Rockies, whether it’s 3 days or two weeks, you can contact Yamnuska Mountain Adventures and let their Backcountry Food division take care of it.

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