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Wild No More: Restrictions and Vandalism in Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park

After an accident in the only truly wild area remaining of Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park, officials decided the only answer was to restrict access to hikers. Avid outdoorsman, Doug Urquhart, writes about the impact this restriction had on his own outdoor experience, and questions the necessity of the tactics used to warn the public.

The Best Campgrounds in North America

Our continent has some pretty amazing wild places, and great campsites to go with it. It is also home to an immense outdoor blogging community and people who pour a lot of passion into sharing their love for the outdoors with the rest of the world.

Recently, a group of us got together to bring a list of “The Best Campgrounds in North America” – a series of blog posts highlighting our own favourite places to pitch a tent. These span Canada and the USA, so you’re bound to find some ideas for your next camping trip. Check them out at the links below!

Stoke the Fire 1.7

Here we go again! This is your chance to Stoke the Fire with any topics you’re discussing on your blog, anything you’ve been thinking and writing about lately, the best post you saw on the internet this week, your latest travel log, the most dramatic photo that was sent you via Facebook, or a shot you took that turned out unexpectedly well. Anything.

Feeding Bears in the Wild: Are You Being Helpful or Destructive?

It’s easy to forget when we camp and explore nature that cute little critters (and big ones) are wild animals. We’ve all seen those signs saying, “Don’t feed the wildlife,” yet several people still do. It’s hard when an animal with pleading eyes looks up at you, begging for a scrap of food, but that little scrap does more harm than good for wildlife. Here’s an example of why you should keep your breadcrumbs (or, in this case, shish kabobs) to yourself.