Real Adventure

I thought I had a sense of adventure, but compared to these climbers, I may as well be hiking through a mall. Perhaps then, adventure is relative to the adventurer. My first stab at multi-pitch trad climbs this past summer was an awakening for me. There is nothing that compared to the level of focus and the mental battle I had going on some of those days, particularly on Grassi Ridge, a route up Wiwaxy Peak in Yoho National Park (see photo – route goes up left-hand skyline). Hanging a few hundred feet off the ground, I fully realized the dangers of what I was doing, and yet I needed, for self-preservation’s sake, to ignore them.

Nut and Seed Brittle

This recipe was passed down through the yoga community here in Banff and has been a big hit. These bars are loaded with protein! Feel free to substitute your favourite mixture of nuts and seeds. Just make sure that they equal 3 cups total. Tamari roasted almonds provide a nice salty-sweet contrast to these bars. If you can’t find them, substitute toasted almonds.

Pumpkin seed photo from

Perfecting Your Craft: Take a Leap (Matt Trappe)

Bonsai! I took this photo on a snowshoe hike in the Sierras this past month with my friend James, a fellow outdoor enthusiast. We completed the 7-8 mile hike along the ridge between Mt. Judah and Mt. Lincoln near Truckee, California, in about 4-5 hours that day.

During the hike we approached a high point on the ridge and James gave me a heads up that he was about to leap off a large rock ahead into the powder below. Here’s where I needed to be creative and quick because the rest happened in a matter of seconds. Here I go!