Training for the New Alpinism – A Manual for the Climber as an Athlete

Review and Giveaway: Training for the New Alpinism – A Manual for the Climber as Athlete

I wish a book like Training for the New Alpinism was written in the 90’s, when I was starting my career in high peaks. I would have devoured it. And probably reached one of the highest summits on Earth – a desire that I don’t have anymore.

Athabasca, Canadian Rockies

Reinhold Messner: Climbing is Praying

I have been involved in sports my whole life, but when climbing found me in my early 2000s, its impact in my life was profound and is lasting much longer than anything else.

For a long time it was difficult to explain. Then after reading many books about climbing, spending uncountable days and nights discussing the matter, and many, many days in the mountains experiencing it I found this quote by Reinhold Messner, and it explains why climbing has made such an impact on me.

Conrad Kain on gendarme of Mount Resplendent, Robson ACC Camp. 1913. Byron Harmon photo V263 / 950. Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.

Conrad Kain: A Pioneer in the Canadian Rockies

Conrad Kain was born in Austria and moved to Canada in 1909, when he was 25 years old, to be the first professional mountain guide of the Alpine Club of Canada. Over the next 25 years he garnered an impressive list of more than 60 first ascents and new routes in the Canadian Rockies and Purcell Mountains.


Our Top 3 Gear Picks from the Calgary Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show

When I attended the Calgary Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show *, I was on the lookout for new products or ideas I wanted to share with The Campsite community. I came home with great suggestions for new adventurous destinations I wanted to visit, as well as products and companies that caught my eye.